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GK Farms LTD
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Currently seeking fulltime and permanent, experienced Gardener/Farm Manager in a private residence to maintain high standards of presentation of grounds and perform all assigned duties while maintaining the highest efficiency, safety and production standards.
The examination will consist of a rating of your training and experience as contained on your application and may include a written test, an oral test, or a combination thereof. All parts of the examination, including tests and ratings, will be related to the requirements of the position. The examination is designed to measure: Knowledge of care and methods of raising flowers, plants and shrubs; knowledge of diseases, fungi and insects which attack flowers, plants and shrubs as well as the modern methods of control; knowledge of common varieties of flowers and plants used in garden displays; ability to occasionally perform lead work in all phases of the gardening activities of the private residence; ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions; ability to perform gardening operations in different weather conditions.
Requirements and Skills
Open to all applicants who meet the following qualifications: One (1) year experience in the use of the tools of the construction trades and two (2) years experience in performing a variety of semi-skilled gardening and grounds maintenance tasks
Minimum Qualification Requirements
2 years
Minimum Experience
KSh 15,000 - 20,000
Maintenance and beautification of private residence and landscaped areas by: performing the skilled and semi-skilled tasks in the propagation and care of flowers, perennials and shrubbery; preparing, planting and caring for outdoor beds; occasionally performs semi-skilled tasks and operates a variety of power tools; Plants, prunes, ties, trains and otherwise cares for rose bushes, flowers and shrubs; Mows, trims, tills and edges using various power tools; Plants transplants, pots and waters plants, shrubs, and farm flora; Prepares flower beds, selects type of plant and maintains beds by weeding, cultivation, edging, hoeing, and cleaning; Assists in propagation and the mixing and use of spray materials; Repairs, sharpens and plants various hand tools, equipment and facilities; perform all assigned duties while maintaining the highest efficiency, safety and production standards.

Boniface Kyalla

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