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Businessclaud Kenya
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Job Type
Work Setup
September 7th
Application Deadline
Have a thorough understanding of the company’s procedures, instructions, requirements and products in order to train your team effectively Get potential clients that will sign Up to Advertise and sell on the Businessclaud Kenya's online platform according to the targets set. Recruit, supervise and monitor a team of sales reps to achieve the sales goals of the company. You will be required to recruit Sales & Marketing specialists whose role is to sign Up businesses that would like to sell online. You will be responsible for monitoring Sales & Marketing specialists with the purpose of making sure we get tangible results. Monitor and exert pressure on Sales & Marketing specialists in order to meet monthly targets set up by the company. Writing weekly reports to your managers for management purposes. Market the company product in order to communicate the company’s value proposition to potential clients via you and your team. Contribute strategically and creatively to the team’s efforts
Experience in Sales and Marketing is necessary A bachelor’s or associate’s degree in sales, marketing or related field will be advantageous Excellent communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills. You must have experience leading a small team with leadership and project management skills. Proven background of commitment and consistency once committing to contract Ability to work with minimal supervision. - Targets are laid out well. Hence, ability to deliver results will be mandatory especially in the first month Strong analytical, organizational, and creative thinking skills. The ability to understand and follow company policies and procedures. The ability to work under pressure. Good resource management as directed by your managers and the company Note: You will also require strong computer skills to perform your job description successfully.
Requirements and Skills
High school diploma computer skills evidence of team leadership and team building
Minimum Qualification Requirements
less than 1 year
Minimum Experience
Above KSh 50,000
The main Job is to make sure clients are registering, Making sure Businesses and companies are registering at Businessclaud is the basis for this job.
I’m looking for a dedicated Sales Leads with strong leadership and interpersonal skills who will be responsible for ensuring his or her team meets the sales quota while performing administrative tasks to meet this goal.
I’m looking for a person who has demonstrated a good history in Sales and/or Marketing management, consistency and commitment in their previous working experience. This is important as it shows that if you get the job, you will follow through with the contract.
Do not apply if you cannot commit to at least 3 months of consistency and commitment.
Method of Application:
Send your resume and cover letter to wamunyujoyn5
A response will be sent to you in one to two weeks regarding your application

Joy Wamunyu

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