• Advertising Marketing CV

Advertising Marketing CV

Posted 25/09
Kahawa, Nairobi, Kenya
2 years
Advertising and Marketing Work Experience
KSh45,000 - 60,000
Expected Salary
Job Type
Employment Status
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Previous work experience
Pwani University/ BA in Psychology September 2016 - June 2021, High School / Lubinu High School 2012 - February 2015, November
Core Competencies: ● Social media strategy and campaign management ● Digital marketing strategy and management ● Project management ● Strong leadership skills ● Excellent English written and verbal communication skills ● Excellent organization and time management skills ● Strong client relations and collaboration skills ● Strategic communication skills ● Excellent presentation and stakeholder management skills ● Self-driven ● Highly metrics focused ● Delegation & briefing ● Coordinating & prioritization Skills ● Content Marketing ● Lead Nurturing ● Email Marketing ● Inbound Marketing ● Social Media Advertising ● SEO and SEM ● Content Creation ● Data Analysis ● Storytelling ● Website/Landing Page Maintenance ● Design ● Sales Process and Persuasion ● Strategic planning ● Research
English Swahili
Highest Qualification
● I’m tech-savvy and resourceful.
● I love checklists and am comfortable with project management tools.
● I’m empowered when given responsibility and run with it.
● Detail is my middle name and I have a keen eye for it.
● I’m super-efficient and know how to get things done! And, if I don’t I’m resourceful enough to figure it out.
● I’m able to emotionally regulate and bring a sense of humour to the team.
● I’m a learner at heart and professional development has become innate.
● I’m effective at verbal and written communication and following up is second nature to me.
● I’m proactive + organized.
● I love what I do and bring a positive attitude.
KSh45,000 - 60,000
Last seen 1 month
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