Video Game Tester

Company Name
Job Type
*Test all aspects of gameplay for potential bugs and crashes * help fine-tune balance and usability *Note issues with game balance, translation errors, and documentation *Note issues across various hardware platforms and devices Make design notes and recommendations to improve gameplay flow and enjoyment
*knowledge of video game trends, genres, and industry Excellent *problem-solving and observational skills
Requirements and Skills
Strong verbal and written communication skills Excellent attention to detail Love for video games (not just ours!)
Minimum Qualification Requirements
less than 1 year
Minimum Experience
We are seeking a motivated, talented individual to join our company as a Video Game Tester. As part of our quality assurance team, you will methodically test all aspects of gameplay and hardware compatibility, it's also Play to earn(p2e) meaning when you play the video games you earn real money we also give out free Nft pets for the video games to start playing the games and get your personal profit

Naomi Muchangi

Last seen 3 hours

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