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Dragon Fruit Seedlings

Dragon Fruit Seedlings

Nairobi, Muthaiga
Dragon fruit seedlings can be purchased at our nurseries in Muranga or Nairobi. We don't only sell as a cutting but a rooted seedling with 99% Survival rate. Dragon fruit is an incredible cactus that produces strange looking fruit resembling a magical dragon egg. Cut through the vibrant pinky red skin to reveal white or pink flesh speckled with tiny black seeds. The taste is hard to pin down with some saying it’s a sweet mix of mild kiwi fruit, watermelon, strawberry and pear flavours. Others describe it as only vaguely sweet or even savoury. Confused? Well growing conditions and ripeness of the fruit can impact taste but nonetheless it’s visually impressive and packed full of nutrients, like Vitamin C, so you can’t go wrong. Despite being a new fruit in Kenya, dragon fruit in Kenya is a high-value crop that farmers in different parts of the country are investing in. Its demand has been soaring in the local and export markets. Currently, it’s the most expensive fruit in the country,
KSh 850

KSh 650

≥ 50 pieces
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