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Nairobi Central, Nairobi, Kenya
The Capital Business Services
Company Name
Job Type
Career Level
September 5 2020
Application Deadline
To provide information on starting and operating a signage business. This includes; equipment requirements, sources, suppliers,equipment cost, day to day operations, types of signage, raw materials sources and suppliers, pricing , margins and all about the business.
Practical experience in the signage business. We need someone who has worked or operated a signage business in Nairobi and surrounding.
Requirements and Skills
A good understanding of the signage business.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
1 year
Minimum Experience
Below KSh 5,000
Archive: Looking for someone very conversant with the Signage business to provide me with information on starting and running such the business. This includes on equipment, suppliers, pricing , all that is required. I would like actual figures and market information on all kinds of signs... Lightbox, 2D, 3D and all kinds of signage.<br />We will meet for an hour or so , you provide me with the info and I will pay Kshs.1000. I have done some preliminary research but would like some extra data. I am in Nairobi.<br />Kindly inbox or text . Thanks

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