Old Spice Denali Body Wash

Posted yesterday, 10:50
Nairobi Central, Nairobi, Kenya
Shower Gels
At the top of denali exists a natural hot tub. its waters smell as fresh as new-fallen snow. getting into this hot tub has cost many a climber his life. they climb in and never want to climb out. use old spice fresh collection denali body wash, and you will experience a similar struggle when you leave the hot shower and step onto your freezing bathroom floor. but unlike those long-gone alpinists, you will smell crisp and manly, not stewed and deceased.
grab your scent-seeking geiger counter and start combing the beach of freshness, for you are about to be rich beyond your wildest dreams. no, not from precious metals. but from the rich scents of the complete fresh collection.
at a glance
drop-kicks dirt and odorrefreshing lather leaves skin feeling refreshedsmell like the kind of man who lives in the kind of place that you’d like to smell like
  • Old Spice Denali Body Wash
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