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  • Wanted ! Experienced Beekeeper

Wanted ! Experienced Beekeeper

Bestcare Facility Services
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We are seeking hard-working, committed, positive individuals, who are motivated by a career interest in sustainable apiculture to join our team. The candidates will be involved in part time operations, including managing bee colonies, assembling boxes, harvesting and extracting honey, and many other tasks. As part of your day-to-day duties, you could: Build, inspect or repair hives Introduce a new colony or maintain an existing one Feed or check the health of the bees Monitor the size of the bees colony and amount of honey produced Treat the hive and bees to fight disease and pests Collect honey from hives Prepare and bottle honey Market honey and products like beeswax Breed queen bees and smaller, starter or 'nucleus' bee colonies
Knowledge of manufacturing production and processes Observation and recording skills Knowledge of biology To be thorough and pay attention to detail Thinking and reasoning skills The ability to work well with your hands The ability to operate and control equipment Physical skills like movement, coordination, dexterity and grace To be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device
Requirements and Skills
Candidate must have passion for beekeeping & reliable. You must have your own equipment and tools like bee smoker,hive tool,protective clothing,etc.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
5 years
Minimum Experience
Want to join our team? Contact us and bee part of Bestcare Bee Services
Call us at{phone=0722466091}( Prefer you text)
Clean cut, professionalism, excellent communication and the willingness to provide an exceptional customer experience is mandatory.
  • Wanted ! Experienced Beekeeper
  • Wanted ! Experienced Beekeeper

    Bestcare Facility Services

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    Nairobi, Westlands, Region Nairobi Mombasa Kenya

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