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Okest Life
Immune System Boosters
Age Group
Benefits of Ganoderma Spore Powder Capsule
1. 100% shell broken hence sier to absorb and 45 % easier to absorb
2. Improve physical health
3. Boost the immune system
4. Reduce side effects from chemotherapy e.G. Hair loss
5. Raise appetite
6. Improve blood circulation in the coronary artery
7. Prevent atherosclerosis and heart problems
8. Cure neural system problems
9. Endocrine system
10. Respiratory system
11. Improve skin conditions
12. Good for allergy due to lanostan which blocks histamine
13. Anti-inflamatory
14. Protects the liver
15. Strong anti-viral, anti-parasite, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial
16. Strong anti-oxidant
17. Fights insomnia
18. Good for fatigue
19 enhance metabolism
20. Raises cd4 counts in the blood thus very good for hiv/aids
22. Clears blood clots
23. Detoxifixes the blood
24. Reactivates body energy and prolong healthy life
25. Good for any anti-immune disease
26. Good for anemia
27. Suitable for any chronicle condition

Maureen Karanja

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