Archive: Marketing And Sales Person

Roysambu, Nairobi, Kenya
sweet aroma fish and fillets
Company Name
Job Type
Career Level
January 10
Application Deadline sweet aroma fish and fillets, getting orders for supplying both tilapia fish and nileperch or tilapia fillets to hotels/restaurants. 2. Getting orders to deliver cooked tilapia or fillets with accompaniments like bhajia,chips,ugali. 3.Getting orders for both raw and cooked samosas.
marketing skills
Requirements and Skills
certificate in marketing
Minimum Qualification Requirements
1 year
Minimum Experience
Archive: Must be able to convince people about fish and it&#39;s health benefit<br />must be able to persuade people and restaurants to buy fish from us<br />Must be fluent with at least three languages

Steve Sicily

Last seen 3 days ago

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