Safety Equipment in Kenya

Safe Box 1

Safe Box

KSh 60,000
Black Chef Coat 2

Black Chef Coat

KSh 900
Work At Height Helmets 1

Work At Height Helmets

KSh 1,200 Negotiable
Blue Branded Helmets 1

Blue Branded Helmets

KSh 1,000 Negotiable
Green Reflective Vest 1

Green Reflective Vest

KSh 450 Negotiable
Branded Hard Hats 1

Branded Hard Hats

KSh 900 Negotiable
500m Caution Tape 1

500m Caution Tape

KSh 1,000 Negotiable
NP305 Chemical Respirator 1

NP305 Chemical Respirator

KSh 450 Negotiable
Reflective Workers Suit 2

Reflective Workers Suit

KSh 1,500 Negotiable
Branded Security Shirts 2

Branded Security Shirts

KSh 1,200 Negotiable
Yellow Executive Vaultex Helmets 2
Red Pvc Gloves 2

Red Pvc Gloves

KSh 400
Np305 Chemical Respirator 2

Np305 Chemical Respirator

KSh 500 Negotiable
NP306 Chemical Respirator 2

NP306 Chemical Respirator

KSh 600 Negotiable
Reflective Jacket 2

Reflective Jacket

KSh 280 Negotiable
Beige Overalls 2

Beige Overalls

KSh 1,300
Red Overall 2

Red Overall

KSh 1,000
Caution Board 2

Caution Board

KSh 1,500 Negotiable
Orange Reflective Coveralls 2

Orange Reflective Coveralls

KSh 1,300 Negotiable
Royal Blue Cotton Overall 2

Royal Blue Cotton Overall

KSh 1,200 Negotiable
Hudson Icon Vest 9

Hudson Icon Vest

KSh 2,500

FAQs about Safety Equipment

💎 Which Safety Equipment belong to the premium segment?

TOP-3 premium products from this category in Jiji - Reflective Jacket Kitchen Oven Glove And Mat. Red Pvc Gloves

💰 Which Safety Equipment are the cheapest?

TOP 3 products from this category in Jiji - Customized Cargo Coverall Hudson Icon Vest Safe Box