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KU COLLEGE (Kirinyaga Campus) KERUGOYA. School of Business Studies and Professional. Would you like to be a professional? Then join the professionals... Courses: 1.15 COMPUTER PACKAGES. N.B No any other institution in Kirinyaga Offers this.OPEN TO ALL. 2.LANGUAGES: I.E French/Germany/Spanish/Chinese/Arabic/Business English etc. 3.ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence). 4.ATD/CPA To section 6 5.I.C.T/I.T 6.BUSINESS MANAGEMENT/A 7.CATERING,HOSPITALITY& TOURISM 8. PSYCHOLOGY 9.COSMETIC&HAIR DRESSING💃🏽💅🏽🎓 10. Education 11. Guiding and Counseling 12. Fashion and Design