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  • Conductivity Meter - Water Quality Detector

Conductivity Meter - Water Quality Detector

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Water Treatment Machines
Conductivity meter cct-3320v water quality detector (conductivity meter cm230) coreda ROC
An instrument for measuring the conductivity of water and inferring the salinity of water from the standard curve The greater the salt content in water, the stronger the conductivity of water. Therefore, according to the electric conductivity, the mineralization degree of water can be calculated It can measure ultrapure water and concentrated salinity water.
Working principle the method of measuring the conductance of the solution to be measured is called conductance analysis.
1. Digital LCD display.
2. Non isolated single circuit 4 ~ 20mA current ring
3. AC220 power supply
4. Manual range operation
Food, beverage, drinking water and other civil places generally have low requirements for measurement accuracy and electromagnetic compatibility.
Note: this model has no 4-20mA signal output, the standard wiring length is 3M, and the range is 1US ~ 2000us. It is not recommended to measur

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