Water dispensers are an inseparable part of daily living. Common both in home conditions and even more frequently in offices, they are usually used for cooling, heating, and dispersing water. According to the functioning system, there are bottled and bottle-less water coolers. The primer type uses an attached water bottle and requires to add water in accordance to its expense. The bottles may be supplied by special delivery services or picked up at corresponding sites. The latter type of water dispensers is attached to water supply system directly, so there is a constant access to streaming water, which comes out filtered. There are several common water dispensers types. Wall-mounted is connected to water supply systems and electricity. With bottom-load water dispensers, users don’t have to worry about heavy bottles: the mechanism is attached to the top of a bottle. Tabletop water dispensers are small and portative. The most popular are free standing water dispensers.

Water Dispensers in Kenya

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