Saws are an inseparable part of every man's complete toolkit. Today, there is a wide diversity of saw types constructed for diverse purposes. Saws can be classified into hand and power saws. Some of them are of more general use (traditional saw). No building process can be fulfilled without at least a couple of hand saws.Yet, there are also others intended for certain usage (keyhole saw). Here, in Nigeria a customer has the chance to buy any of the below-mentioned hand saw types: 1. back saw 2. bow saw 3. keyhole saw However, there are also various power saw types presented on Nigeria's largest online sales platform. Look for the following power saws on the website: 1. band saws (either portable or stationary) 2. chop saws 3. chain saws 4. circular saws 5. table saws In case you are planning to establish your own construction company, you will definitely need some saw of various types.Profitable deals are made right here on Jiji! Sell faster, buy smarter!

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