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Speaking with scientific terms, equalization is a process of adjusting the balance between frequencies and all related components within a specific electronic signal. It may seem surprising how complicated is a tasks most of us deal with daily – to adjust an equalizer in audio player or Smartphone to fit perfectly in the surrounding environment and overall atmosphere. Equalizer makes every song sound right only when it is tuned correctly. So imagine how difficult it is to tune huge sound system for a show, a concert, or similar kind of events. An equalizer, being only a combination of circuits, buttons, jacks, and levels, can create fantastic things! Equalizers are most commonly used in audio recording processes, letting find a proper sounding and making instruments sound like they should in a particular song. However, it does not mean that good equalizer is difficult to find or too expensive to buy. Choose the proper time and built-in filters and make the life sound better!

Equalizers in Kenya

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