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Arts & Entertainment CVs in Kenya

Are you looking for a new job or are you about to take your first steps in the job market?

To increase your chances of being spotted by recruiters and landing a job, a few measures are necessary. You immediately think of the CV and the cover letter. Essential, certainly, but not sufficient to obtain a job interview.

How to apply for a new job

Discover tips on how to optimize your job search and apply effectively:

Define your priorities and objectives

Before throwing yourself headlong into the flood of job ads flooding the Internet and the networks, determine your professional project, and take stock of your career path.

 Ask yourself the right questions: what do you want to do? In which geographic area? What are your skills, your qualities, and your resources? On the contrary, do you have limits or are there things on which you will not make any concessions? 

The situation must be obvious to you. Maybe it's time for a skills assessment? 

Create a quality application and completely redo your CV

Only then can you write your CV. It is advisable to make a clean sweep of the past! This will prevent you from being swayed by outdated twists or experiences. 

To make a good CV, adapt it to the sector for which you are applying with the appropriate title; position sought, or title of the ad. Have a clear idea of ​​the target objective.

Write a cover letter that will be read for sure

The same is true for the cover letter. An application equals a personalized cover letter.

This unique and personalized letter is a good way to prove to the recruiter that you are interested in the position and their company.

To put the odds on your side, write your letter using the same vocabulary as the recruiter. Promote yourself so you don't go unnoticed, but stay professional. At the end of the letter, challenge the recruiter and anticipate the interview.

Be visible

The Web is one of the main pools of candidates for recruiters. It is therefore essential to be visible on the Internet:

  • to access the hidden market and its unadvertised vacancies,

  • to allow the recruiter to confirm information about you via Google, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.

Be reachable

This may seem obvious, but it is always useful to remember it: you have to be reachable by all means.

Have a working (and professional) email address: avoid fancy names. Consult it regularly or configure it to notify you of the various job alerts directly on your phone.

Make sure it's on all day. If this is not possible, create an answering machine message where you indicate your first and last name. Then ensure you call back immediately!

Finding the ideal job offer

Active monitoring is essential to find a job offer that exactly matches your profile. To make sure you don't miss anything,  register on job boards and employment platforms by specifying specific criteria.

Browse the “Recruitment” pages of the websites of the companies you are interested in. These sometimes broadcast their ad only on this medium. 


Make a good impression and hold attention in the interview

All this preparatory phase paid off and you landed a job interview? Well done! To hold the recruiter's attention, follow a few essential rules:

  • wear appropriate clothing,

  • arrive on time, be serene and smiling,

  • ask relevant questions that confirm your interest in the position,

  • take care of your exit and dare to send a thank you email the day after the interview,

  • and above all, be yourself!

Relaunch without harassing

The final stage of a good application is the follow-up. No question, however, of calling back every 2 days to find out if you are taken for the job.

Have you sent an unsolicited application or responded to a job advertisement, but received no response? Relaunch by e-mail or telephone within the following week, to know if your file has been received.

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How do you get Arts & Entertainment CVs in Kenya

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