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Bags in Kenya

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Bags in Kenya

A bag, from the Latin bursa, is a kind of bag made of paper, plastic, fabric, or other material, used to store or move things. It is typically carried in one hand or slung over one shoulder.

Discover all the main kinds of handbags and find the style you need, the right shape that will suit you, your style, your personality.

History of this item

Man has always had the need and the desire to carry objects with him. The handbag as we are used to it today has not always had these shapes, nor the same uses. 

They were far from resembling the refined and worked bags that we carry, however, they allowed you to put things with you. The first was probably in antiquity those worn by slaves over the shoulder to keep the precious objects of their masters.

They were made of fabric or leather and included two fairly short handles. Indeed, the bag was then carried by hand, but since then it has evolved considerably and the shoulder strap has replaced the handles on certain models allowing them to be carried on the shoulder. Still, others are designed like backpacks.


The term handbag is made up of two words: the bag which is used to carry different objects, and the hand which in this case can characterize how the bag is carried. The term bag comes from the Hebrew sak. 

Sak designates at that time, a rather coarse fabric made from goat hair. There would also be an English origin explained by the English word. Baga meant luggage in the Provençal language, which could have a connection with the English word bag.

How to wear these types

The first handbags were mainly used to carry food and they were then called purses. They were used by women as well as men. Over time, the handbag becomes more and more refined and changes its use. 

Men like blacksmiths, for example, wore holdalls. The models are gradually becoming more refined and are aimed at women of the bourgeoisie. Find all the files related to the types with all the shapes and the colours.

Different types of backpacks

In the backpacks for men and women, there is also something for all tastes and in all styles. You will appreciate the large so-called backpacker backpacks for going on a trip around the world or for the long term. 

For short hikes, there are heaps of small backpacks in all sizes and shapes. Some incorporate a water bottle, others are ultra-light, it will depend on whether you are walking or running. 

The backpack is also used for every day to walk around and have your hands free. It's all about finding the model that's right for you.

The tote bag

It is a large flexible bag that is wide and not too deep, its great advantage is to be practical to access all the elements contained in the handbag. It often does not have a pocket which is also a disadvantage. 

You can change the style by adding inside pockets in which you store your belongings by category. The bohemian chic bag is worn at arm's length, it is often also used for shopping, such as the market tote. 

It has a utilitarian function above all, although it is carried by hand. In everyday language, we speak of the Provençal tote bag, large basketry, or braided rush bag that we take for the market.

The satchel-shaped bag

It is a very practical handbag whose origins are ancient. It is characterized by its wide shoulder strap which passes across the body and thus leaves both hands free, so it is very different from most other bags. It closes in the middle often by a closure. 

Practical and handy, to try it is often to adopt it. It is suitable for both day and evening, ideal also for shopping. Its all-in-one side gives it both a casual urban look. Choose the capacity that suits you best, don't choose it too long either, if it hits your knees it will bother you. 

They tend to be chosen by very practical women who tend to be very decisive at the same time. 

The shoulder bag

The shoulder strap is often a good removable option for a handbag, unlike the messenger bag which is only worn across the body. The original shoulder bag is exactly on-trend, you wear your bag against your body or on your shoulder.

It can be adjusted to your size thanks to the adjustable strap, it's also all about its interest. It is suitable for all activities, its functionality is useful for moving, for trips.

The small mini handbag

It is ultra-practical, shoulder types, and evening bag par excellence. It is ideal for women and girls who know how to go to the essentials and who do not overload themselves. 

It can be worn cross-body, on the shoulder, or by hand. It is often large enough to carry what you need, i.e. wallet, phone, keys. It is not easy for all women to consider such minimalism, for others the small and mini types are very good friends for everyday life.

This is the minibag for organized women who know how to go to the essentials and who do not clutter up their hands or their minds. Those who opt for this type of mini handbag are often calm, easy-going, and often value functionality above all else. Stability and predictability are often some of the core values ​​that are important for those who tend to opt for these types.

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