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Bath & Body in Kenya

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Bath & Body products in Kenya

One of the greatest pleasures after an exhausting day is to take a long shower to relax and pamper ourselves. However, during this process, we must try to clean and moisturize our skin. This is achieved by using the right products. If you are looking for one, here are some options that will help you have nourished and healthy skin.

Bath time is a key time to take care of your sensitive skin. We tell you why it is so important to choose the products you will use correctly.

Does your skin react to stimuli that other people do not affect? Like a large percentage of adults, you may have sensitive skin.

Why is it important to take care of the skin during the bath?

Daily hygiene of the skin is essential for its care. We should turn the moment of the bath or shower into something more than the time to clean ourselves, taking the opportunity to take care of our skin, which is, as you know, the largest organ of your body. In addition, we leave you some simple tricks to take care of sensitive skin.

If you want to keep the skin on your body healthy, hydrated, and beautiful. You should start by taking care of it during the bath, preventing it from drying out, becoming irritated, or altered.

Tips to take care of your skin in the shower and/or bath

Choose the shower better than the bath: you should replace the bath with a shower, both for the care of the skin and for the planet.

Control the duration: a shower of about 10 minutes is enough. More time in the water can lead to macerated or irritated skin. Also, if the water in your area is very calcareous, the chances of irritation multiply.

Regulate the temperature of the water: for the care of your skin, the water should not be too cold or too hot, about 30º is a suitable temperature for hygiene without affecting the barrier function of the skin or causing dehydration.

Suitable products: you must find the products that go well for your skin. To find out, we recommend you go to a dermatologist.

Correct amounts: do not apply an excessive amount of product. With about 30 mL, use approximately 2 tablespoons. It is enough for the whole body. Once you have finished, you must make sure you have removed all the soap well, otherwise, you could irritate the skin.

With your hands or with a sponge: it is better to use your own hands to apply the bath gel or soap, thus avoiding possible chafing caused by the sponge. However, if you prefer to use it, we recommend that you opt for a natural one and that when you use it, avoid squeezing or rubbing excessively.

Gentle drying: when it comes to drying, we recommend that you use a cotton towel and that you do not rub, but dry yourself with gentle touches.

Skin hydration: after drying, and with the skin still a little damp, it is time to apply a moisturizing product that provides your skin with the water and lipids it needs to be healthy, strong, and elastic.

Why is it so important to choose the right bathroom products?

When we talk about personal hygiene, especially body hygiene, we are not very careful about the products we buy and we end up using any product, which may not only be inappropriate but may even harm the health of our skin.

And it is that, if the bath gel is not suitable, it is likely that during the daily hygiene routine we are dehydrating, irritating, and damaging our skin. And this fact is especially important in case you have sensitive skin.

The product you choose to clean your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin, must be of the syndet type. That is, without detergents, it is much more delicate with your skin and produces less dragging of the lipids naturally present in the skin.

It helps the skin maintain its protective barrier. Even better if it also provides lipids equal to or similar to those of your skin.

In addition, it must have a physiological pH, similar to that of your skin, which is close to 5.5. A cleanser with a lower pH will cause itching and irritation.

While one with a higher pH, which is the most common, will alter the pH of your skin. So that it will also alter its functions, the enzymes will not act correctly. The barrier function will not be performed properly and variations will occur in the composition of the skin microbiome, among other effects.

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250g Moringa Herbal Bath Soap


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Regardless of your skin type, there's a perfect fit to give your skin a lustrous and healthy feel. You can check out our list of available products on the Jiji website.