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Books & Games in Kenya

Believe it or not, free time must also be planned and organized to be fully utilized. It is not simply waiting for something to happen or being invited to participate in an activity.

So that these facets are fulfilled and you can get the most out of your free time, today we want to offer that you should consider either of both.

Why are books important?

Without a doubt, one of the first and most important things we learn when we are little is to read. Reading and knowledge influences life in many ways and, above all, in the mind. Regardless of how old you are, reading is a highly recommended habit and, even more so, in the elderly.

In addition, older people who lament not knowing what to do with their free time may find reading to be a profitable companion that helps foster their imagination and improves their memory. For this reason, it is said that literature is a cure for loneliness and this becomes a pleasant company.

Apart from the company, reading brings emotions and that better settles memories, making it a perfect way to improve memory. Reading daily, in addition to exercising cognitive abilities, makes available a wealth of stories, expressions, and new vocabulary that enriches.

It has been shown that those who actively read are capable of increasing the connectivity of their neurons, it is even ensured that those who remain mentally fit throughout their lives are at less risk of suffering from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and cardiovascular diseases.

On the other hand, we recommend that reading should be done, whenever possible, during daylight hours, in comfortable and quiet places and with large-print books so as not to tire your eyes too much.

In addition, for us, there are four main benefits of reading in old age:

  • Empathy: reading helps to improve social skills and increases the human capacity to put oneself in another's shoes and be able to feel greater understanding for others.

  • Well-being: reading reduces the level of cortisol and creates a great feeling of well-being. A good story can become addictive and relaxing allowing you to face problems more calmly.

  • Sleep conciliator: read at least a few pages plunge into a state of relaxation that relaxes the muscles and the brain is free of tension and stress. An ideal calm to sleep.

  • Concentration and attention: exercising the mind through reading favours concentration, the ability to observe and pay attention. It also helps to relax and approach problems from a more objective point of view.

Why is playing important?

Playing we express ourselves and give freedom to our body and mind. It is production machinery that over the years we are atrophying.

Playing brings us closer to the present moment since it is one of the few experiences that are done for the simple pleasure of doing it and not for the result or for what is achieved. And that, every moment in which we are connected to the present moment, is happiness.

Playing helps us to do the following:

  • It helps us unwind.

It works as a calming agent, allows us to withdraw from the demands of everyday life, reduces stress, and generates endorphins (the hormones of happiness).

  • It is a way to talk with our children.

As we play with them, we share emotions and teach them new things. In this shared time, we create closer ties and enjoy being together.

  • It encourages creativity.

All the creativity we have as children does not end, we simply kill it by not using it regularly. When playing, we are exposed to greater creativity, the imagination is activated and it is something very stimulating for our brain.

  • It promotes socialization.

It is by playing that they make friends, as children or as adults. And when we have an active social life, we feel happier.

  • We are more connected with our inner child.

If we play something we like every day, we will be happier, just as it happened to us when we were children. It will make us remember that time when everything was simpler.

  • We have a more balanced perspective on life.

When we do something that we like for the simple fact of enjoying it, our way of seeing life changes positively. It makes us freer from everything and we have a better balance between our obligations and enjoyment.

  • It boosts morale.

When playing, very pleasant sensations are generated in our brain, which lifts our spirits and makes us want to do things. Goodbye to despondency and reluctance!

  • It helps us keep the body and mind in shape.

Although not all games involve physical activity when a person plays he is always intellectually active. During the game, you have to move, think, deduce, and interact with others.

  • It promotes learning.

Just as it happens to children, what we learn "by doing" we will never forget.

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