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Buses & Microbuses in Kenya

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Buses & Microbuses in Kenya

These vehicles are powered by a new 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine that is smooth and refined. There were four different power outputs to choose from. The five-speed gearbox on the 84 and 102hp models is well-suited to the high power output. Top gear is reachable at speeds as low as 35 mph, and the Transporter has enough pulling power to get around town quickly.

The 102hp variant cruises comfortably on dual carriageways thanks to top gear acceleration, but between 55 and 70 mph it feels sluggish. Acceleration is slightly slowed with a load on board, and top cruising speed rarely exceeds 80 miles per hour.

The 140hp and dual turbo-charged 180hp models have more power, but the fuel economy is only marginally worse due to the standard six-speed transmission. The DSG automatic transmission and/or four-wheel-drive system, 4Motion, are available on both higher-powered variants.

The Transporter's ride is excellent, smoothing out major potholes and speed bumps to ensure a smooth trip for any cargo. Heavy, bulky objects affect the handling, but not nearly as much as you'd expect from a panel van of this size.

Cabin and interior

Many people who have driven the previous generation of the Transporter will have a similar feeling when they sit in the driver's seat of the 2010 model. Despite the layout's familiarity, there have been some significant changes.

The switches have been replaced, and the gauges have been changed to a more traditional red and white on black colour scheme – no more blue back-lit dials. The heating controls have also been improved.

A single CD player is included, as well as a redesigned radio with neater buttons and a more premium feel. The height and rake of the steering wheel can be adjusted, but the door mirrors must be adjusted by hand. The driver's seat is adjustable for height, lumbar, reach, and rake, and it's a comfortable place to be for long drives.

Costs and operation

The new diesel engines used less fuel than the previous T5 models before 2010. A gear change indicator is included to aid in fuel economy by indicating the best location for both up and downshifts.

The original warranty was three years or 100,000 miles, with a three-year breakdown cover package from Assistance included.

Because of the high demand for it on the used market, this vehicle retains its value exceptionally well. While used examples can be expensive, reselling them should be worth more than most comparable competitors when it comes time to resell them.


This Transporter has electronic braking-force distribution (EBD) and hill hold control, which keeps the van stable on a slope while the driver shifts his foot from brake to accelerator to pull away.

Driver and passenger airbags, automated hazard warning lights when braking hard, height-adjustable seat belts, and head restraints on the outside seats are among the other safety features. When shopping for a used car, look for features such as rain-sensing wipers, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and cruise control.

Remote central locking with deadlocks, an electronic immobilizer, and a break-safe steering wheel lock is among the security features. New customers could choose a two-alarm system for added security.

Benefits of buying buses & microbuses

Most people who are looking to buy a new vehicle will stick with a car, but there are many advantages to getting a larger vehicle, such as a minibus. The following are some of the most significant benefits of owning a minibus.

  1. More space

One of the most obvious advantages of a minibus is that it provides more space. If you have a large family or are involved in the community in some way, having a minibus comes in handy because it allows you to transport more passengers.

  1. Creates new job opportunities

Another significant benefit of owning a minibus is that it opens up new job opportunities. If you've ever considered becoming a taxi driver, for example, you'll be much more likely to be hired by taxi companies looking for minibus owner-drivers.

  1. Insurance is simple to obtain

Insurance comparison websites, such as InEnsureinibus, are excellent for quickly and easily obtaining minibus insurance quotes. Obtaining multiple quotes is always recommended because it allows you to easily compare them and choose the best policy.

If you drive your minibus for charitable purposes, you may be eligible for reduced insurance rates if you can provide the necessary documentation.

How to get yours?

If you want to get buses & microbuses, there are numerous ways to go about it in Kenya. To get the best deal, you should buy from the models available for sale on Jiji. Log on to their online marketplace right away to get the best deals and the best value for your money.