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Accessories for Mobile Phones & Tablets in Kenya

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Accessories for Mobile phones & Tablets in Kenya

One of the major and best ways to stay connected with people around the world is via mobile phones. They have saved many lives as they can be used to request help during emergencies. Modern phones now have advanced features that make communication between users easier.

Mobile phone accessories are any software or hardware not included in the primary design of a phone by the manufacturer. They are additional accessories used to gain more functionality from a smartphone. They can transform a phone into a functional mobile PC.

A tablet is a portable personal computer with a touchscreen interface. It is larger than a smartphone but smaller than a notebook computer. They can be thought of as handy computers. It can be used to access the internet either via cellular networks or Wi-Fi.

Tablets can be considered hybrid as they take features from both a computer and a phone. They work similarly to how computers and most electronics do. They can store different kinds of files, have a camera, a screen, and a rechargeable battery.

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Accessories for Mobile Phones & Tablets

The functionality of smartphones can be improved with the aid of accessories. Some of them include; cases, memory cards, chargers/power adapters, power banks, cables, screen protectors, and batteries.

The following are examples of available accessories and their specifications;


Accessory Type

Accessory Name(s)


Cables & Adapters

i) Anker 4 in 1 USB Hub.

ii) Vidvie Micro-USB to USB Charge and Data Cable.

iii) Audio AUX Cable USB C to 3.5MM Jack Earphone.

iv) 2 in 1 OTG Adapter Cable.


Power Bank

i) Samsung Portable Power Bank.

ii) Remax Wireless Power Bank 5000mah.

iii) PRODA 30000mah Powerbank.



i) Silicon case.

ii) Xundo case.

iii) Waterproof phone cases.


Screen protector

i) Samsung Z fold glass protector.

ii) Quality liquid protector machine.

iii) UV Glass protector.


Chargers & Power Adapters

i) Samsung Type C charger.

ii) Two-pin chargers.

iii) Villa on Dual port charger.



i) Huawei faiba MiFi battery.

ii)One plus series replacement battery.

iii) Smartwatch batteries.


Memory cards

i) Sandisk Sd Card 32GB.

ii) Micro Sdxc Ultrafast Sd card.

iii) Yk flash memory card.

Benefits of Owning One

A major purpose for buying cell phone accessories is for safety. They will also help you maximize your phone’s functions to the fullest. Your phone can begin to perform at a better rate than it was before. The following are how certain accessories can help improve your smartphone and make you comfortable:

  • Chargers allow you to recharge your phone battery at any time provided there is a source of energy.

  • Bluetooth devices rid you of using physical cables for external connections.

  • Hands-free car kits help you communicate on your cellphone while driving. You do not have to take your hands off the wheel.

  • Memory cards help you get extra file storage capacity asides from the initial size of your device.

  • Power banks can be used as sources of energy to recharge your phone. This helps you not rely on electricity to charge.

  • Screen protectors prevent your screen from suffering damages or cracks.


Tablets were specially built for mobility. They do not have as much hardware as computers or laptops. The entire screen was designed to be touch-sensitive. You also don’t need to attach a mouse or keyboard so that you can use them. These accessories can however be connected to them.

Tablets can be used for official purposes and also for fun. Its portability and internet access provides comfort to the user as they can be easily mobilized. They can also be connected to speakers and other Bluetooth devices.

This device enables you to read books, create presentations, have access to many applications. You can also use them to download and play many interesting games as seen on the internet.

Advantages of Tablets

Tablets serve as great alternatives to laptops when considering ease of use and portability. The following are advantages of owning one:

  • Lightweight.

  • Internet connection.

  • Portability.

  • Small-sized.

  • Attractive designs.

  • Audio and Video recording.

  • GPS Navigations.

Disadvantages of Tablets

Tablets are portable, fun to use, and attractive. However, they have a couple of disadvantages and these are listed below as follows:

  • Higher cost of purchase.

  • Less number of USB ports.

  • Inferior camera quality.

  • Physical weakness.

  • High potential for screen damage.

Maintenance tips for Tablets

  • Charge them once the battery is low.

  • Do not expose them to moisture.

  • Clean with dampened clothes.

  • Avoid allowing them to fall.

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