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Children's Furniture In Kenya

Furniture for children can be both functional and decorative. Whether you're looking for a matching set or a collection of traditional or themed pieces, each piece must be carefully chosen. You'll need to consider size, materials, colours, and design for everything from the chest of drawers to the bed. Furnishing a child's room begins with preparation for the arrival of the infant and continues as a method to record the passage of time as your children grow older.

You can furnish a child's bedroom in a variety of ways, including selecting pieces from the same collection, mixing and matching individual pieces of furniture, or purchasing upcycled, vintage, or used furniture in good condition.

Your choice of children's furniture will be based on a range of criteria:

  • The Child's Age.

  • Surface Area Of The Child's Room.

  • Pre-established Routines And Habits.

  • Number Of Children.

  • Budget.

  • Style.

  • Environmental And Health Concerns.

Different Types Of Children's Furniture

1. Toddler Beds

Your child is ready for toddler furniture when he is 35 inches tall or strong enough to crawl out of his crib. Beds designed specifically for children aged 18 to 24 months help them realize they are no longer newborns. Toddler beds are the perfect size for your child to get in and out of without assistance, encouraging independence.

2. Tables for Children

Once your toddler starts walking around, he may feel like everything is adult-sized. Provide him with a play area that is just his size, complete with children's tables and chairs. Kids' tables are ideal for making crafts, playing games, and snacking. The majority of children's furniture requires relatively minimal upkeep: Kids' tables, unlike other tables, are built to survive the demands of activity, so get ready to finger paint. To keep your children's furniture clean, all you need is a regular wipe-down with a non-toxic household cleaner.

3. A kids' storage bookshelf

In your child's room or any place where he plays with his toys, make sure you have lots of kids' storage furniture. Toys, dolls, games, stuffed animals, trophies, and art projects can all be stored and displayed on children's bookshelves, which aren't simply for books. Kids' storage furniture can be enhanced with baskets or bins that can be kept on bookshelves or in closets. Coat racks can be used to store not only coats and jackets but also a backpack full of homework for school.

Benefits Of Children's Furniture

1. Encourages Creativity

A child who has started school or is learning to scribble a few things on paper usually requires some space for creative time or to practice their drawing skills. When such a child obtains children's furniture, it will be simple for him or her to do so. A toddler can learn a lot on their own by scribbling and doodling.

2. Teaches Your Child Practical Skills

Consider purchasing a small table and chair set for your child to teach them practical skills. Keep in mind that youngsters are excellent at mimicking the actions of others around them. If toddlers observe you scrubbing the dining table, for example, they will want to do the same with their table. Wiping their tables after meals or keeping the small tables and chairs organized will assist your youngster to learn some practical skills that you want him or her to have as an adult.

3. Promotes Good Posture and Is Comfortable for Kids

The majority of children's tables and chairs are designed to accommodate a child's height. As a result, you can rest assured that your child's legs will not be dangling when you purchase them. As a result, this type of furniture encourages proper posture and allows your youngster to sit comfortably. This is especially crucial during mealtimes, as your child will be able to eat comfortably if the furniture is at the appropriate height.

4. Encourages Independence

Because children's tables and chairs are designed to be child-friendly, your child will not need assistance climbing into their seat and will be able to get off and sit on the chairs without assistance. This allows kids to make their own choices at a young age. It also teaches them basic table manners, such as eating while seated rather than standing.

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