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Construction & Skilled Trade CVs in Kenya







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Construction & Skilled Trade CVs in Kenya

Construction is a rapidly expanding and in-demand business, with many job openings at both the entry and managerial levels. However, to stand out from the crowd, you must create a targeted CV.

When it comes to writing a job-winning CV, demonstrating technical skills is crucial. Create a section at the very top of the page to demonstrate your speciality. This is the ideal spot to highlight any certifications you have for specific tools or gear.

Creating Winning Construction & Skilled Trace CVs

A construction CV's objective is to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the necessary work experience, abilities, and academic qualifications.

Ensure that the following sections are included:

  • Name, address, phone number, and email address are all examples of contact information.

  • A brief explanation of your experience and years in the industry should be included in your profile.

  • Key skills — knowledge and abilities developed through experience and study in the industry.

  • Work history — a list of your prior jobs and employers, as well as your duties and completed projects.

  • Formal schooling, as well as a driver's license, first-aid certificate, and other fines, are all required.

  • Interests - what you like to do in your spare time gives companies an insight into who you are.

When it comes to references, you can select whether to include them or send them upon request.

Be Concise

Remember that recruiting managers and senior leaders are frequently short on time, therefore your CV should be clear and succinct, with no more than two pages showcasing your significant projects and achievements.

Link it to your LinkedIn Profile

If you're seeking new chances, it's a good – no, terrific – idea to have a LinkedIn page these days. Recruiters and hiring managers are also on LinkedIn, so you'll get approached and headhunted more often. Another advantage is that employers may see your profile, which allows you to enter additional material that won't fit on your two pages!

Work Experience

This is where you should include work placements, volunteer work, and any paid employment you've held, and it's arguably the most significant area of your CV. You'll need to include information about:

  • Your employer, beginning with the most recent.

  • The position's title.

  • When did you work?

  • Describe what you did in a few words.

This portion will be determined by your level of construction job experience. If you've recently completed an apprenticeship or traineeship, you can mention your accomplishments and talents in the same way that you would if you were working full-time.

If you're switching careers from another industry, emphasize your most important transferrable experience. If you lack experience, focus on the applicable talents you do possess.

Skilled Trade

Mason of concrete, supervisor of labour, maker of musical instruments, Installer of floor coverings, carpenter, electrician, operator of a boiler, roofer, specialist in CAD. All of these occupations have one thing in common: they are skilled trades. Each one necessitates a distinct set of skills and training, prompting hiring managers to scramble to fill positions.

Candidates should carefully outline their accredited college or vocational training, necessary licenses and certification, and the hands-on experience that will earn them the highest earnings on their skilled crafts resume. The possibilities that a skilled crafts CV might open up are far too numerous to mention here.

Why do you need a skilled trade CV or resume?

A solid skilled trades resume will help you receive the best job opportunities, whether you're a plumber, painter, or refrigeration mechanic. Remember that while your unique expertise makes you a commodity to hiring managers, it also means that there will be a smaller pool of people applying for the same job. Your CV and cover letter for skilled trades will serve as your introduction and the best chance of landing an interview.

Benefits of a Good CV

These five advantages will help you see why it's critical to prepare a strong CV throughout your job search.


We don't reach our full potential unless we think about and write down our professional experiences. You'll inevitably feel more confident in yourself after you see everything you've accomplished.

In your job search, self-assurance is a valuable asset. Greater self-assurance puts you in a positive frame of mind, where you believe in yourself and your abilities. It inspires you to apply for more jobs and take risks, despite setbacks and rejections along the way. Greater self-assurance also allows you to objectively assess your skills and flaws.

It makes you stand out

Whether recruiters consider you for the next phase of the application process or send you to the rejection pile is determined by your CV. For a single job opening, recruiters receive hundreds of CVs. That's why they only go through your qualifications for 5-7 seconds.

A well-written and personalized CV distinguishes you from the competition. Employers will naturally choose the individual who provides the greatest value based on the specifics of your job experience and qualifications.

Are you ready to get your Construction & Skilled Trade CVs in Kenya?

If you are serious about your career and prospective job opportunities, then Jiji is your solution to a well-written and convincing CV. Just contact us via the Jiji website and we will attend to you in no time.

Construction & Skilled Trade CVs FAQs

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