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Housekeeping & Cleaning CVs In Kenya

After a hard day of travelling, there's nothing like arriving in a spotless hotel room and collapsing on a perfectly made bed. But there's a dedicated housekeeper to thank for every towel folded like a swan.

Housekeepers are the guardians of the hotel experience, ensuring that one guest's mess does not become the next guest's nasty surprise.

For folks without a college diploma, housekeeping might be a terrific full-time and readily available job. While housekeeping is physically taxing, it fosters a sense of community among employees, and housekeepers take pride in the cleanliness and appearance of the spaces they clean.

Although some work in hospitals, private houses, and other structures, housekeepers are most frequently associated with hotels.

The ideal housekeeper CV is a brief, straightforward document that demonstrates to employers that you are well versed in all parts of commercial housekeeping, from cleaning to laundry to guest interactions.

It details the tasks you've completed, the various abilities you've learned, and the outstanding results you've delivered for your employers.

What Housekeeping & Cleaning CVs Should Entail

  • Make a mission statement

Include an objective statement underneath your contact information that describes your housekeeping experience, talents, and objectives. Make the statement one to two sentences long to make it concise. Here are some examples of housekeeping objective statements:

  • I'm a motivated and organized housekeeper with five years of commercial housekeeping experience who wants to use my cleaning and organization talents to improve the cleanliness of residential houses.

  • Qualified housekeeper with three years of residential housekeeping experience looking to expand my commercial cleaning business by using my expertise in cleaning equipment and supplies.

  • List of your contacts Information

Your full name, phone number, email address, and location should all be in the heading of your CV. Employers will be able to easily contact you to set up an interview or seek more information if you include your contact information at the top of your CV.

  • Make a list of your experiences

List all past housekeeping experiences you've had, including the company you worked for, your job title, start and finish dates, and a brief explanation of your responsibilities in each position.

Use bullet points to list each responsibility when outlining your cleaning responsibilities, and begin each bullet point with a verb. For example, you could claim that part of your cleaning responsibilities included washing dirt out of between the floor tiles or mopping dust off of the floors.

  • Explain your educational background

Employers may prefer housekeepers with a high school diploma or GED, so a section on your CV dedicated to schooling is beneficial. Include the school's name, the sort of degree earned, and the date of graduation. You may also mention any extracurricular activities you participated in.

  • List your abilities

Include skills that demonstrate your qualifications as a housekeeper. Concentrate on abilities that you can use when cleaning, as well as skills that will help you function as part of a team of cleaners. Here are some housekeeping skills to consider:

  • Cleaning

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Time management

  • Flexibility

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • Detail-oriented

  • Customer service

  • Include relevant certifications

Cleaning certifications aren't necessary for housekeepers, but they can help you stand out from the crowd. Include details such as the certification's title, the certifying institution's name, and the date you acquired it.

Because certain credentials have an expiration date, it's critical to keep your CV up to date when you renew your certification.

Benefits of Buying Housekeeping & Cleaning CVs

  • Create a professional profile

An employer may not only look at your CV to get a sense of who you are and what value you may provide to their company. They may also go to your LinkedIn profile or any other professional platforms you have, such as a personal website.

It makes sense to use your polished, effective CV as a foundation for establishing your online persona, leveraging key messages to create a consistent impression across the board, since you've already invested in a polished, effective CV.

  • Thrive in a Difficult Job Market

A well-written, professional CV helps you stand out from the crowd. Not only will you pass the screening stages of recruitment if your CV writer did their work well, but you will also be regarded in high respect by the interview panel before they even meet you.

Your competitive advantage will not end with your CV. As part of their research, professional CV writers frequently ask thought-provoking questions that help you better comprehend your own professional experience.

  • Get That Job Interview

Professional CV writers have the expertise to connect on a human level and make your application stand out with the engaging, dynamic, and relevant language, in addition to beating the ATS.

They will match important duties to your experience and skill set based on the job description. They'll also research the organization to ensure that your CV reflects its key principles and culture.

How to get yours

The best housekeeping & cleaning CV writers should have years of experience and, in many cases, hold a professional certification.

Check a person's credentials if you're dealing with them. That is why using an agency, like Jiji, is the ideal alternative because they ensure that all work is outsourced to thoroughly vetted, accredited writers.

Housekeeping & Cleaning CVs FAQs