There are a lot of things that make a job bearable: a comfortable chair, free coffee and cookies, a team, interesting tasks, salary - everyone has their own list of priorities. Some may not understand, but this list is not complete without little things like stationary. Office supplies, like pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, folders and holders, writing pads etc. make lives of office employees easier and working process more productive and organized. Make sure that such important stationary components as paper and ink, writing tools and stapler are always at hand. On Jiji, you can find all necessary stationary you can think of, and even more! Inkjet, laser, photocopy and other types of paper, different kinds of markers, felt, highlighter, rollerball, ballpoint and other pens - the selection of stationary is huge enough to reach every employee. Colorful stickers will help to systematize information and workflow in general and improve everyone’s mood. Everything - from display boards to lunchboxes is available. Do not waste your time for making a list - just scroll down and pick some goods to make office life better.

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