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Computing & IT CVs in Kenya







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Computing & IT CVs in Kenya

Your talents as a computer science professional are in high demand, but you'll need to construct a snappy and engaging CV to win the best jobs.

Your CV should highlight your hard tech abilities while still having a clean, succinct, and professional appearance to attract recruiters and obtain an interview.

Computing & IT CVs format

Graduate hiring managers and recruiters are frequently faced with a never-ending digital pile of CVs to sort through — and limited time!

As a result, you should tailor your CV to their requirements. It should be as simple as possible for them to navigate and determine your suitability for the position.

IT CV Formatting Guide

  1. Recruiters who are short on time will be disappointed if they are presented with a 3-, 4-, or 5-page CV. Stick to a maximum length of two A4 pages to keep it brief, sharp, and simple. Don't panic if you can't achieve this requirement; graduate recruiters won't assume you have years of experience.
  2. Readability: The goal is to make it as simple as possible for recruiters to find the information they need. So, instead of large blocks of text, break up your information into little paragraphs and use bullet points, lists, and columns as needed. Format the headline of your CV parts with bold or underlined language to make them stand out.

  3. In general, a clean and basic design is preferable. Use a plain typeface in black or dark grey, such as Arial or Calibri. You can add some extra styling to your CV if you're seeking a job that requires design talents; just make sure it's clear and legible.
  4. Things to avoid: You don't have to include a profile photo on your CV; it's illegal to consider attractiveness, race, or gender in the hiring process, so you'd be placing recruiters in a bind. Rather than stuffing your CV with photographs, include a link to a digital portfolio if you wish to exhibit examples of your work.

Structure of Computing and IT CVs

Organizing your material into distinct areas on your CV can help recruiters rapidly find the information they require:

  • Contact information - Always begin with your reach information so that recruiters can quickly contact you.

  • Profile/personal statement - A succinct beginning paragraph that summarizes your relevant abilities and expertise and entices recruiters to read further.

  • Include any relevant university projects or freelance work you've undertaken to compensate for your lack of work experience.

  • List your educational credentials, emphasizing your degree and any applicable assignments or courses.

  • Work experience/history of employment – Even whether it's part-time or student jobs, provide any work experience you've accumulated.

  • Interests & Hobbies — This is an optional section where you can highlight hobbies that demonstrate your abilities or interest in the sector.

Computing CV Profile/Personal Statement

A CV profile, often known as a personal statement for junior and graduate candidates, is a brief introduction line that appears at the top of your CV.

Its goal is to give recruiters a quick overview of your suitability for the job while also urging them to read on for more information.

It should be jam-packed with relevant qualifications, abilities, experience, projects, and accomplishments.

This is the first impression that recruiters will have of you, so make a good one!

Profile Writing Guide

  • Always customize your statement (and your entire CV) to the job you're looking for. Read over the important abilities and needs, then try to match them as nearly as possible to the specification.

  • Personal statements are slightly longer than CV profiles (which are better suited to experienced candidates), but they should still be kept to a maximum of 8-15 lines. Sentences should be short and to-the-point, with just enough detail to demonstrate that you meet the job requirements but not so much that they become tedious.

  • Graduates are renowned for cramming meaningless clichés into their CVs, such as "excellent communicator" or "committed hard worker." Avoid fluff — a personal statement that is jam-packed with hard abilities, expertise, achievements, and qualifications will impress recruiters significantly more.

Skills needed in Computing & IT CVs

As a computer science graduate, you can work in a wide range of positions, but recruiters typically look for a few key talents and abilities. Rather of merely listing these abilities, attempt to provide concrete examples of how you've used them:

  • HTML, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Swift, and more programming languages.

  • Software packages and tools — It goes without saying that you'll require great computer and technology skills, as well as expertise in related software, programs, and tools.

  • Mathematics - Computer science graduates are often expected to have a strong grasp of arithmetic and numeracy.

  • Problem-solving — Almost every IT and tech position necessitates the ability to anticipate, analyze, and resolve issues.

  • Teamwork - You'll need to be able to work well with others, as many techs and IT initiatives necessitate collaboration with coworkers and stakeholders.

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Computing & IT CVs FAQs