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Hotel CVs In Kenya

Hotels provide a diverse range of career opportunities and advantages, making the hospitality business an intriguing choice for job seekers. These incentives and perks may be offered by hotel employers to demonstrate how much they appreciate employee well-being and happiness.

Understanding the many advantages hotels may provide will help you make an informed decision about specific job prospects if you're looking for a job in the hotel or hospitality business.

What Hotel CVs should Entail

The first step is to figure out what skills the employer is seeking. Front-of-house employees, such as concierges and restaurant workers, will need customer service skills, whilst back-of-house employees will want to emphasize their cooking, cleaning, and organizing abilities.

Make a list of your skills so you can refer to them when putting together your CV.

  • Personal information

Make sure your address, phone number, and email address are right. You do not need to mention your date of birth, nationality, or ethnic background, nor should you include a photograph.

  • Statement of purpose

Always keep in mind what you can provide the firm rather than the other way around.

Remember to check the job advertisement or description to make sure you've highlighted all of your relevant skills and experience. Don't be afraid to go beyond the box: you might have done volunteer work or community projects in the past and gained valuable transferable skills.

  • Overview of Competencies

This is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial sections of your CV. When writing it, keep the following points in mind:

  • How does your background match up with the requirements of your employer?

  • Have you ever been recognized or given an award for your work, such as Employee of the Month?

  • Do you have any data or figures to back up your accomplishments?

  • History of employment

Once again, this is an important aspect of your hospitality resume. Highlight the areas of your resume that are most relevant to the job you're looking for.

If you're currently working in a bar and want to apply for a concierge position, talk about your customer service abilities and your ability to interact and efficiently serve a diverse group of people.

  • Training and education

Employers will want to know about any training you've done, such as food safety training or health and safety courses, in addition to your academic credentials. Because most hospitality positions will require you to interact with the public, don't be afraid to highlight things like first aid training.

The jobs you can Apply for With Hotel CVs

The hotel sector offers a variety of job options, including hotel administration, guest services, cleaning, maintenance, kitchen, restaurant, and event organizing. You can work in a variety of jobs, such as:

Resort Manager

All resort operations, including accommodation, food and beverage management, human resources, cleaning, and guest services, are overseen by a resort manager.

Housekeeping Manager

These managers are in charge of the housekeeping team and operations including cleaning customer rooms, laundry bed linens, and keeping the hotel clean in general.

Hotel Maintenance Engineer

All hotel systems and equipment are inspected, repaired, and maintained by these professionals.


Customers are greeted by hotel concierges, who offer assistance or guidance to meet their needs.

Front desk Receptionist

This profession comprises offering check-in and check-out help to customers, handling room reservations, and resolving customers' inquiries or concerns.

Event planner

Event planners work with customers to plan events that are within their budget and expectations.

Benefits of Hotel CVs

We frequently undervalue what we have accomplished at work. We believe it is unimportant because everyone does it. A professional resume writer, on the other hand, gathers all of the relevant information about your career to create an outcome-based/accomplishment document that indicates both your past and future value to a firm.

CV writing services like resumes planet and Purple CV Writing deal with candidates from many industries, producing CVs from the ground up, so they know what HR departments seek for in a great CV.

We shouldn't write our resumes or other job applications, just as we shouldn't try to be our mechanic, plumber, lawyer, or doctor. Perform a document search. Nobody expects you to be an expert on something you only do once every two or five years if that.

You will never have all of the knowledge and abilities required to create the greatest job search materials. It is preferable to delegate these tasks to professionals. After all, they do it daily.

Job seekers frequently tell us that they have spent weeks, if not months, refining their resumes. Rather than delaying your job search and starting a new career, why not engage a professional to begin crafting the finest possible resume for you in a reasonable length of time?

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