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Houses & Apartments For Rent In Kenya

If you ask most Kenyans who do not yet possess a home, they will tell you that they are working on it.

It is therefore correct to say that we (who are not currently homeowners) desire to own a home at some point in our life, but that fulfilling that dream is far more difficult said than done given present residential property valuations.

When you live and work in Kenya, you have two options for housing: you can rent or buy one of the many properties that are being built.

If you don't have enough money to buy a house outright, as most Kenyans do, you can rent, but the prices of these houses can be dizzying.

Even though there is an ever-increasing quantity of real estate on the market, residential property prices remain generally out of reach for the typical Kenyan.

Benefits of renting Houses & Apartments

Are you debating whether to rent or buy? First and foremost, you should get off the fence and consider which choice is more beneficial to you.

For several reasons, many people prefer to rent rather than own in Kenya (which will be explained below, I promise). Here are some benefits to think about if you're contemplating both housing alternatives.

You can negotiate for a lower rent

Outside of what the landlord has quoted, you can negotiate the amount of rent you will pay. If you're considering relocating to the area, do your homework on the price ranges available.

Examine the pricing of the amenities provided by the units. It is best to gather all of the data before addressing the landlord. Your argument might have a shot with that knowledge.

If the facility is entirely controlled by the landlord rather than an agency, it is easier to negotiate.

Upsizing, downsizing, and going wherever you want

If you wish to establish roots, you may want to consider purchasing a property. If you're not sure where you want to live long-term, renting allows you the freedom to discover and explore a variety of neighbourhoods.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all floor layout when it comes to apartment life. After the lease period has expired, renters have the option to upsize, downsize, and move freely to another flat. If your profession requires you to relocate frequently, renting may be the better alternative.

The Right to Maintenance

When relocating to a new home, you should avoid doing any repairs. If there is a problem with the lights, water supply, or wiring, it is the landlord's responsibility to fix it as soon as possible.

However, if you need to make improvements to your home, such as painting walls, drilling wells, or installing cabinetry, you should first consult with your landlord. If you don't do so, your deposit may be reduced.

Right to know the cause of eviction

The landlord has no legal authority to evict you without cause. An eviction notice must be accompanied by valid grounds for the eviction.

If there have been previous concerns, the landlord should endeavour to resolve them before proceeding to eviction.

Right to a refund of your deposit

Most landlords need a security deposit, which is usually equal to the rent. The security deposit will be refunded at the end of your lease.

It is your right to have the deposit returned to you. If your landlord decides to take a deduction, you should be able to see confirmation of how that money was spent.

Agreement to Rent to Own

You rent the house for a set amount of time to purchase it from the landlord.

You should conduct due diligence and research on the landlord/seller before agreeing to the investment.

Engage the services of a lawyer to assist you with the procedure. To avoid being legally committed to buying a home, it is preferable to negotiate a lease option agreement.

Take note of the option fee, rent payments, purchase price, who is responsible for upkeep and repairs, payment duration and deadlines, and whether or not the house's property taxes have been paid.


If you enjoy having pets such as dogs or cats, you are free to keep them on your land and care for them. Some landlords will enable you to cultivate and care for your plants if you enjoy gardening. Keep in mind, though, that whatever you plant will eventually become the landlord's property.

Do you want Houses & Apartments for Rent in Kenya?

When it came to renting a house or an apartment in the past, the only thing you had to consider was how much it would cost. Nowadays in Kenya, a variety of things influence one's decision.

Consider the amount of traffic you'll encounter on your way to your destination, the pet policy, whether or not you'll be able to paint the house, and the water pressure, among other things.

Choosing between different houses and apartments does not have to be a difficult effort. Jiji offers a range of Houses & Apartments for Rent with varied structures and designs to suit your taste at accessible prices to make that decision easier for you.