Gardening & Landscaping CVs in Kenya

Gardening & Landscaping CVs in Kenya

Begin writing your CV by choosing a professional field and the types of employers you'll be targeting in your job search. If you know how you'll use the CV, you'll be able to write an effective, targeted CV that gets results.

Take some time to come up with the right terms and phrases to describe your marketable skills and experience. You'll probably have to make several changes before you get to the final version.

Essential skills for your gardening & landscaping CVs

Hand Tools

On gardener resumes, hand tools are employed in the following ways:

  • From simple hand tools like pruning shears and trowels to loaders and graders, workers used a variety of technology and equipment.

  • Use of a chainsaw, leaf blower, and hand tools for general landscape maintenance; herbicide application.

  • Using hand tools and power equipment, landscape and maintain the grounds of the property.

  • Hand tools and basic power equipment were used.

  • Make use of hand tools. Crops are planted, cultivated, and harvested. Fertilizers and pesticides should be used.

Irrigation System

Irrigation is the process of artificially supplying water to the soil through the use of pumps, tubes, and sprays. It's widespread in locations with erratic rainfall, dry weather, or territory that's prone to drought. Irrigation aids in the maintenance of landscapes, the growth of crops, and the re-vegetation of land in dry locations. On gardener resumes, irrigation systems are employed in the following ways:

  • Irrigation system installation and maintenance for commercial gardens and farms.

  • Gardening and irrigation systems were installed according to client specifications.

  • Regularly, I operated lawn watering systems.

  • Various irrigation systems were maintained and operated.

  • Irrigation systems were repaired and maintained.


Pruning is a horticultural term that refers to the removal of plant elements such as buds, branches, and roots. Pruning is used to remove damaged, non-productive, or unstable sections of plants to help them grow healthy and stay in good shape. Pruning plants allows them to shape and grow naturally and prevents insect infestation. On gardener resumes, here's how to prune:

  • Workers who have been trained in the improper ways of potting, watering and pruning plants must be held accountable for their job.

  • Plant, prune, and fertilize In Brooklyn and Manhattan, water and maintain trees, bushes, and flowers.

  • Transplant seedlings and cuttings, water plants, prunes, and deadheads in the greenhouse.

  • The grass is cut, bushes are pruned, and plants and lawns are fertilized.

  • Garden plants should be watered and pruned.

Landscape Design

The planning of how a lawn or yard will be designed is referred to as landscape design. This could include the shrubbery and plants that will be placed in various regions of the garden or yard, as well as any grass ideas. Landscape designers must evaluate how the yard is built through features of simplicity, emphasis, balance, variety, and others, regardless of the outside surface. On gardener resumes, landscape design is used in the following ways:

  • Commercial and residential landscape maintenance and detailing.

  • Weeding, thinning, trimming, sweeping, raking, and composting were among the landscape care tasks I assisted with.

  • Perform a wide range of landscape care tasks, including trimming trees, shrubs, and ground cover.

  • To determine where to put trees and flowers, go to the landscape designs.

  • Identification of plants and some Landscape Design (hand drawing).

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