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Health & Beauty CVs In Kenya

Being a beauty therapist has two facets. You're a hands-on person who can put clients at ease. Beauty therapists, on the other hand, are frequently excellent marketers, well-organized, and business-savvy.

Your experience, talent, and love for beauty therapy are all showcased in a good beauty therapist CV.

It emphasizes particular skills like nail treatments, massage, and aromatherapy, as well as essential expertise in the management of beauty institutions - whether it's handling reservations in a salon or overseeing the operations of an entire spa.

What should Health & Beauty CVs Entail?

  • Experience as a volunteer

Volunteer work can add a lot to your CV, especially if it's relevant to the position you're going for. This type of experience can also help you fill in a gap in your CV, complement your job history if you're changing careers, or enhance your CV as a recent graduate.

When including volunteer work on your CV, it's preferable to list it as a separate role in your Employment History section, just like any other job.

Include your employment title, the name of the company, and the dates you worked there, as well as a concise synopsis of your responsibilities and accomplishments in bullet points.

  • Awards & Certification

You could also think about including honors and qualifications on your CV. Academic, industry, work, or volunteer-related prizes are all possibilities.

Include the official award title, the objective of the award and what it recognized, the breadth of the honor, and the date of recognition when listing praises on your CV.

For example, the news piece "Ant Infestation at Telford Court" won the 2015 Student Publication Association's Best of Student Media Award.

The formal title of the certificate, the awarding body, and the date it was earned are written slightly differently on certifications. 'Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification Course 2018', for instance, or 'PRINCE2 Agile 2016'.

  • Work Experience

Your work history is another important element to present in your CV. This section lists your job titles in reverse chronological order, with your most recent position at the top.

Include your dates of employment, job title, company, a sentence summarizing the role, and bullet points detailing your responsibilities, talents, and accomplishments for each job.

Work experience in these roles is an important part of your CV because it allows the hiring manager to get a sense of your talents and experiences based on your work history.

Benefits of Health & Beauty CVs

  • Self-assurance

We don't reach our full potential unless we think about and write down our professional experiences. You'll inevitably feel more confident in yourself after you see everything you've accomplished.

In your job search, self-assurance is a valuable asset. Greater self-assurance puts you in a positive frame of mind, where you believe in yourself and your abilities.

It inspires you to apply for more jobs and take risks, despite setbacks and rejections along the way. Greater self-assurance also allows you to objectively assess your skills and flaws.

Recruiters are drawn to candidates who are confident and self-aware. A self-assured candidate demonstrates to employers that they are ready to face any challenge.

  • Exceptional Among Applicants

Whether recruiters consider you for the next phase of the application process or send you to the rejection pile is determined by your CV. For a single job opening, recruiters receive hundreds of CVs. That's why they only go through your qualifications for 5-7 seconds.

A well-written and personalized CV distinguishes you from the competition. Employers will naturally choose the individual who provides the greatest value based on the specifics of your job experience and qualifications.

  • Recruiters will be impressed.

A well-written CV gives you the chance to show recruiters why you're the best candidate for the job. When it comes to job hunting, first impressions are everything, and your CV is the first thing recruiters see.

Research the company's values and have a solid understanding of the job description to make a positive first impression. Then, to fit the facts, tailor your resume.

The way you market yourself on a resume is the only thing standing between you and your dream job. One method to leave a lasting impression on employers is to use analytics to emphasize your achievements.

How to get your Health & Beauty Cvs

By showing the abilities and job experiences you've gained throughout the years, your CV allows you to make a lasting first impression on recruiters.

It's the tool you'll need to get the job of your dreams.

That is why Jiji has made it simple for you. All you have to do now is go to Jiji and find a Health & Beauty CVs vendor to buy from.

Health & Beauty CVs FAQs